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Security and Privacy Policy

Declaration of privacy

This declaration of privacy explains the policies of UNIVER VIDEO in regard to collecting, utilizing and disclosing certain information, including personal information, within the UNIVER VIDEO enterprise group ("UNIVER VIDEO").

How to Contact UNIVER VIDEO

If you have any question regarding your account, consult our online support Center on the website https://www.univervideo.com/supportcenter, where you will also find information on how to get in touch with customer service to obtain help. For specific questions about this Declaration of privacy, including the use of personal information, cookies and other similar technologies, send us an email at customerservice@univervideo.com

You may also write to UNIVER VIDEO at the following address: UNIPRO LTDA., R. João Boemer, 296 - Brás - São Paulo - SP, CEP 03023-020.

All the other cases, UNIPRO LTDA (address mentioned above) is your service supplier and data controller (where applicable)

If you contact us asking for support, for your own safety and also for the safety of UNIVER VIDEO, we may have to verify your identity before providing the requested support.

Collecting information

O UNIVER VIDEO recebe e armazena informações sobre você, tais como:

UNIVER VIDEO receives and stores information about you, such as: Information given by you: UNIVER VIDEO collects the information you disclose, which includes: your name, email, address and ZIP Code, form of payment, phone number. This information is collected in different ways, including when you log in to the website, interacts with UNIVER VIDEO customer service or takes part in a marketing research or promotion; and information collected when you give ratings or write your opinion about titles, define your preferences and settings on your account or, in some different way, give information to UNIVER VIDEO, via UNIVER VIDEO or any other service

Information collected automatically through UNIVER VIDEO: UNIVER VIDEO collects information about you and your use of UNIVER VIDEO services, your interactions with UNIVER VIDEO and its publicity, as well as information about your computer and other devices used to access the services of UNIVER VIDEO (such as smart TVs, mobile devices and decoders). Such information includes:

Your activities in UNIVER VIDEO services, such as selected titles, your history of videos watched and your searches;

Details about your interaction with your customer service, such as time, date and reason for contact, a transcript of the communication via chat and, in case of phone calls, your phone number;

IDs or device unique identifiers, device characteristics and software (such as type and settings), information about the connection, website view statistics, URLs of origin, IP address and internet log data standards; information collected through internet cookies, web beacons and other technologies, including advertisement data (such as impressions delivered to a cookie, the URL of the website through which the cookie was delivered, such as time and date). Please refer to the “Cookies and internet publicity” section to obtain more details.

Information from other sources. UNIVER VIDEO may complement this data with additional information obtained from other sources, including both online and offline data suppliers. This additional information may include demographic data, and data based on website interest and browsing behavior on the internet.

Use of Information

UNIVER VIDEO uses the information collected to offer, analyze, manage, improve and customize our service and marketing efforts, to process your subscription, your payment requests, and to communicate with you about these and other subjects; for example UNIVER VIDEO may use the information collected to: determine your general geographical localization, offer you content that is subject to region, offer personal and customized movie and series recommendations based on what we believe you would like to watch, determine your internet provider and to help our team respond to your questions and requests in a fast and efficient way, prevent, detect and investigate activities that are possibly prohibited or considered illegal, including fraud, and enforce our terms (such as determining your eligibility for free use), analyze and understand our audience, improve the service (including the user interface), optimize broadcast, content selection, and recommendation algorithms; communicate with you about the service (fir example: via email, push notifications and text messages), so we can announce to you what is new about UNIVER VIDEO, details about new features, available content on UNIVER VIDEO, special offers, advertisements about promotions and market research, and to help you with requests in regard to operational matters such as redefining your password. Please refer to “Your Options" section of this Declaration of privacy to obtain information on how to set up and change your communication preferences.

Information Disclosure

UNIVER VIDEO will disclose your details to third parties for specific ends, as described below:

UNIVER VIDEO enterprise group: we may share your information with the companies that are part of UNIVER VIDEO enterprise group. (https://www.univervideo.com/central-de-ajuda/suporte) as needed, for: data processing and storage; give you access to our services,; provide customer service; make decisions on how to improve service; content development and other ends described on the “Use of Information” section of this Privacy Declaration.

Service Providers: UNIVER VIDEO may hire other companies, agents or third parties (the “Service Providers”) to provide service in the name of UNIVER VIDEO or help UNIVER VIDEO provide services to you. For example: UNIVER VIDEO hires Service Providers to furnish marketing, communication, infrastructure and IT services to customize and optimize the UNIVER VIDEO service, process card transactions and other forms of payment, provide customer service, collect debts, analyze and improve data (including data related to interaction with UNIVER VIDEO services) and conduct market researches. Throughout the period these services are being provided, the Services Providers may have access to your personal information or information of any other nature. We do not authorize these companies to use or share your personal data, unless with the purpose to provide the services hired by UNIVER VIDEO.

Promotional offers: UNIVER VIDEO may offer you programs or combined promotions which, for participation ends, may require sharing personal information with third parties. To do this kind of promotion, UNIVER VIDEO may share your name and other personal information relevant to the benefit we are offering you. Please, note that these third parties are responsible for their own privacy policies.

UNIVER VIDEO protection and others: UNIVER VIDEO and its Service Providers may disclose, or rather, use your personal information when UNIVER VIDEO or such companies have a reasonable motive to believe such disclosure is needed to (a) obey any law or applicable rule, legal process or government requirement, (b) enforce the fulfillment of the applicable terms of use, including the investigation of potential violation of these, (c) detect, prevent or address illegal or suspicious activities (including payment fraud), technical issues or (d) protect ourselves against a violation of rights, property or UNIVER VIDEO’s security, its users or the general public, as required or allowed by law.

Transfer of property: in relation to any reorganization, restructuring, fusion, sale or transfer of assets, UNIVER VIDEO will transfer information, including personal information, since the recipient party is committed to respect your personal information in a way according to our Declaration of privacy.

In the course of sharing data, every time we transfer personal information to countries that are not part of the European Economic Block and other regions with comprehensive data protection laws, we will make sure that the transferred information according to this Provacy Declaration and as allowed by the applicable legislation of data protection.

You may also choose to disclose your information through the following ways:

You may also choose to disclose your information through the following ways: While using the UNIVER VIDEO service, you may post or publish opinions or other information, and third parties may use the information you disclose;

DCertain sections of the UNIVER VIDEO service may contain a tool that gives you the option of sharing information via email, text message or other sharing applications through client software and applications installed in your device;

Social networking plugins (such as plugins provided by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google) allow the sharing of information on these software.

Plugins and social network applications are operated by social networks themselves and are subject to their respective terms of use and privacy policies.

Access to Your Account and Profiles

To simplify the access to your account and help you manage the UNIVER VIDEO service, UNIVER VIDEO employs technologies that allow us to recognize you as the account holder and give you direct access to your account without requiring you to enter your password or any other identification information when you access the UNIVER VIDEO service to exclude your access to UNIVER VIDEO account from your devices: (a) go to "Your account", select "Devices" and follow the instructions to disable the devices (deactivation may occur immediately) or (b) remove your UNIVER VIDEO account settings from your device (instructions vary according to the device, and this option is not available on all devices). Whenever possible, subscribers using public or shared devices should close their session at the end of each access. You should always close your session and disable your UNIVER VIDEO compatible device if you are selling or returning a computer or device. If you do not maintain the security of your password or device, or do not log out and deactivate your device, subsequent users may have access to your account and personal information.

If you share or allow others to access your account, they may view your information, including some personal information, such as your title history, ratings, reviews, and account information (including your email address and other account information). This is true even using the Profiles feature.

Profiles allow members of your household to have a personalized and distinctive UNIVER VIDEO experience built on the movies and TV series that are watched with personalized recommendations and historical watched titles. Profiles are available to anyone using your UNIVER VIDEO account, so anyone with access to your UNIVER VIDEO account can access, use, edit and delete any profile. Please explain this to everyone with access to your account, and if you do not want them to use or update your profile, be sure to let them know.

Your options

If you no longer wish to receive certain UNIVER VIDEO communication by email or SMS, access the email settings and text messages on the "Your Account" page of the UNIVER VIDEO website and deselect the options you wish to cancel. You can also click the "cancel" link in the email received, or reply "STOP" (unless instructed otherwise) to the text message.

Please note that you can not cancel the receipt of certain UNIVER VIDEO communications, including messages regarding your account transactions. You will receive push notifications from UNIVER VIDEO. If you later decide that you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you can use the settings on your mobile device to disable them.

To exercise your options regarding cookies used on the UNIVER VIDEO website, as well as other types of online monitoring and advertising on the Internet, see the Cookies and Internet Advertising section (below).

Your information

UNIVER VIDEO gives you access and editing rights to a range of information about your account, including your contact information and communication preferences, in the "Your Account" section of the UNIVER VIDEO website. You need to sign in to access "Your account".

Should you have questions about our privacy practices, or want to exercise your rights with respect to your personal information, please contact us at privacidade@univer.com.br.


We believe that UNIVER VIDEO employs administrative, logical, managerial and physical measures to protect your personal information against loss, theft and unauthorized access, use and alteration. Unfortunately, no measure is guaranteed to be 100% safe. Therefore, we can not guarantee the security of your information.

Other websotes, platforms and apps

The UNIVER VIDEO service may be provided through platforms or contain links to websites operated by third parties, whose policies regarding the processing of information may differ from ours. For example, you can access the UNIVER VIDEO service through platforms such as smart TVs, mobile devices and set-top boxes and various devices with an Internet connection. These sites and platforms have privacy policies and data, privacy statements, separate and independent terms of use, and we recommend you read them carefully. In addition, you can find third-party applications that interact with the UNIVER VIDEO service.


You have to be 18 years-old or older to subscribe to the UNIVER VIDEO service. In some jurisdictions, the age of adulthood may be over 18, and in this case, you have to meet the age requirements to subscribe to the UNIVER VIDEO service. Although individuals under the age of 18 may use the service, they may only do so with the involvement, supervision and approval of parents or guardians.

Changes to this Privacy Declaration

Changes to this Privacy Statement UNIVER VIDEO may change this Privacy Statement periodically to comply with changes in legislation, regulatory or operational requirements. We will notify you of any changes (including the date they will come into effect) as determined by law. Your continued use of the UNIVER VIDEO service after such changes become effective will declare your acceptance of them. If you do not accept any of the updates to this Privacy Statement, you may cancel the UNIVER VIDEO service. To find out when this Privacy Statement was last updated, see the "Last Updated" section below.

Cookies and advertising on the Internet

UNIVER VIDEO and contracted Service Providers use cookies for a variety of reasons. For example, we use cookies and other technologies to facilitate your access to our services, allowing us to recognize you every time you return, to provide and analyze our services, to learn more about our users and their probable interests, and to customize and send marketing or advertising messages. We want to inform you of our use of these technologies. Thus, this term explains what types of technologies we use, their function and their options in regard to their use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files usually stored on your device while you browse and use online sites and services. Cookies are often used to make sites operate or work more efficiently, as well as to generate report information and help customizing the service or advertising.

Cookies are not the only kind of technology that allows this functionality. We also use other similar technologies. See the items below for more information and examples.

Why does UNIVER VIDEO use cookies?

We and our Service Providers may use the following types of cookies:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are strictly required to provide our online service or website. For example, we or our Service Providers may use these cookies to authenticate and identify our members when they use our sites and applications and we may provide services to them. Cookies also help us ensure compliance with our Terms of Use, prevent fraud, and maintain the security of our service.

Performance and functionality cookies: These cookies are not essential, but they help us customize and enhance your online experience with UNIVER VIDEO. For example, they help us remember your preferences and prevent you from typing information you have already provided (for example, during sign-up). We also use these cookies to collect information (such as popular pages, conversion rates, viewing patterns, number of clicks, and other information) on the use of our visitors to the UNIVER VIDEO service so that we can enhance and customize our site and our service and do market research. Deleting these types of cookies will result in limited functionality of our service.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies use information about your visit to this and other sites, such as pages visited, your use of the service, or your response to ads and emails, to display ads that are more relevant to you. These types of ads are called "Interest-Based Advertising." Many of the advertising cookies associated with our service belong to our Service Providers.

How can I make choices in regard to cookies and other types of online monitoring?

For more information about cookies defined through our website and other types of online monitoring (including collecting information about your online activities by third parties over time and on third-party sites or online interest-based advertising services) and how to make choices about them, click here. We currently do not respond to "do not monitor" signals from web browsers.

How does UNIVER VIDEO use other technologies?

We use other cookie-like technologies, such as browser storage and plugins (for example, HTML5, IndexedDB and WebSQL). Like cookies, some of these technologies can store small amounts of data on your device. We may use these and other technologies for purposes similar to those of cookies, such as enforcing the use of our terms, preventing fraud, and analyzing the use of the service. There are several ways you can exercise your choices in relation to these technologies. For example, several common browsers provide the ability to delete browser storage, usually located in the settings or preferences area. Check your browser's help or support function to find out more.

Regulamento geral de dados de proteção - GDPR

Estamos empenhados em proteger quaisquer informações pessoais suas que mantemos. Nós atualizamos nossos Termos de uso e Política de privacidade para tornar mais fácil para você entender quais informações temos sobre você, o que fazemos com elas e por quê.

Enquanto acreditamos que essa política atualizada servirá melhor aos nossos usuários, estamos fazendo essas mudanças para nos certificarmos de que estamos em conformidade com o regulamento geral de dados de proteção ("GDPR" em inglês), uma nova lei de proteção de dados que entra em vigor na União Europeia.

Para os nossos usuários europeus, a Política de privacidade atualizada também explica nossa base jurídica para a utilização de seus dados e faz uma listagem de seus direitos em relação a seus dados.

Os novos Termos de Uso e Política de Privacidade estão em efeito desde 25 de Maio de 2018 e podem ser encontrados aqui. Se você continuar usando nossos serviços após 25 de maio de 2018, você concorda em permanecer vinculado a estes novos termos.

Se você tiver alguma dúvida, não hesite em nos contatar através do e-mail: atendimento@univervideo.com

Last Update: May 25, 2018